Census Block Group Tools

HB3 requires that Texas Local Education Agencies (LEAs) report a census block group number for each economically disadvantaged student. TEA has created two tools to determine this information.

Census Block Group Calculator

The Census Block Group Calculator spreadsheet and instructions were removed from the website. Previously downloaded versions of the Census Block Group Calculator spreadsheet have been disabled and will not return Census Block Group information.

Users will need to download and utilize the new TSDS Census Block Group tool from the .

Census Block GroupMap

The provides basic information for LEAs in an interactive map format. Download the Census Block Group Map Instructions PDF document to learn how to use the map page.

This map was produced by the 鶹Ƶ. It is for informational purposes only--it has not been prepared for, nor is it suitable for, legal or engineering purposes. Positions shown are based on information available at the time the map data was last updated. They are approximations, and are not the product of an on-the-ground survey.

Census Block Group API Solution

Vendors that would like to use an application programming interface (API) to retrieve student census block group numbers can use an API solution. Download the Census Block Group API Instructions PDF document for more information.